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POTUS Delivers his first SOTU in Second Term

February 12, 2013

Tonight Barry Satoro, (AKA:  Barrack H ObombYa) delivered his first SOTU of his second term.  Here is my analysis of the speech.

Spending is a problem so we better not cut any spending, or even risk cutting the growth of spending.  If Americans were not so stupid Dear Leader would be able to get them to understand that the answer to everything is a lot more government. A lot more. More mindless brutal state power to grind our spirits into dust is the answer of Dear Leader.

That is about.

There was more fluff around the bald faced lying, revisionist nonsense, but nothing that we haven’t heard too many times.  Okay we have heard it too many times.

I hate to tell you this Mr President but you come up short in comparisons to your mentors.  Now, Stalin, Mao and Castro cannot hold a candle to your lying.  You do it far more naturally and your relaxed comfort while spinning broad daylight oral fraud is down right impressive.  That being said, I don’t think you will be the cold blooded killer of your own citizens as effectively as your holy trinity in their hey day.

If I could make a suggestion. Stick with the lying and please give up your eugenics quest to murder millions of your own people.




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