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Petrus Romanus

February 16, 2013

With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is St. Malcahy’s prophecy of the popes in play?   What is the POTPs? It is said to be the enlightened writings of St Malachy in approximately the mid 12th century.

I would recommend the book: “The Final Pope is Here, Petrus Romanus” by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam.  Please see their site: to get the book. It is a great read and the history covered by the authors provides the reader more value beyond the vetting of this 900 year old prophecy.

Here is the Wiki link to the POPTPs for your general summary of the prophecy:

Opinion will matter little in a very short time. A conclave will be called, a new pope selected and then we will have empirical evidence  as to the veracity of the prophesied Petrus Romanus.

Will a glimpse of spiritual truth leak through the matrix? G-d willing.








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