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Using your Grocery Store Frequent Shopper Card?

March 4, 2013

You thought theses cards are to save you money and drive customer loyalty?  Right.

Try this , it is to sell your purchase activity in detail to your insurance company and employer. This will allow both to charge you more for coverage or completely deny a claim based on your purchases. The Beast system is in place, has been for decades, this is just another tentacle… and the control grid just getting started…

Published in Wall Street Journal originally in the WSJ print edition Feb. 26th, It can be viewed in line here.

How the Insurer Knows You Just Stocked Up on Ice Cream and Beer

Your company already knows whether you have been taking your meds, getting your teeth cleaned and going for regular medical checkups. Now some employers or their insurance companies are tracking what staffers eat, where they shop and how much weight they are putting on—and taking action to keep them in line.

But companies also have started scrutinizing employees’ other behavior more discreetly. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina recently began buying spending data on more than 3 million people in its employer group plans. If someone, say, purchases plus-size clothing, the health plan could flag him for potential obesity—and then call or send mailings offering weight-loss solutions.

Marketing firms have sold this data to retailers and credit-card companies for years, and health plans have recently discovered they can use it to augment claims data. “Everybody is using these databases to sell you stuff,” says Daryl Wansink, director of health economics for the Blue Cross unit. “We happen to be trying to sell you something that can get you healthier.”

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