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Micaiah Fede, a  middle aged man deep in the throes of being awakened to the world.  The discomfort and dissonance that accompanies having a façade ripped away, without warning, only worsens as your mind processes the implications, their meanings. The awkward discomfort finally settles into your consciousness, as gently as aluminum can passes through your garbage disposal.

The world is now a very different place than I thought it for most of my life. I am sincerely thankful that I have been provided this gift.  My eyes now can see, my ears now can hear, my mind is free to think critically without hesitation.

We live in a counterfeit world and so counterfeit culture is the name of my blog. I mean counterfeit literally. Every aspect, institution, and social narrative is stone cold fake. Not real. A representation, a facade, mask, or whatever description you prefer. The entire modern world is counterfeit and  it is a spiritual struggle.

I hope this blog will help others who have found a similar path. None the less it will help me make sense of this brave new world.  My three dimension reality is now a four dimension universe filled with knowledge freely available.


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